Witches Hit Back

Feminist Clothing

by Feminist Artists

Witches Hit Back

Feminist Clothing

by Feminist Artists

four women holding household items, wearing black and hats
an old painting of a witch and some strange creatures surrounding a bonfire
a woman from ancient times throwing plants to the fire, surrounded by totems

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two feminist girls together, one using the hands of the other as her own eyes
handwritten pro-queer phrase
a drawing of a woman holding a phone, vintage pin-up style

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International Women’s Day 2019: WE STRIKE

🔥This #internationalwomensday we join millions of women, lesbians, trans and non binary people across the globe. We want a feminist world, one that is intersectional, anti patriarchal, anti colonialism , anti capitalism and anti racism. ❌We strike! ❌ We call for...

8M: Women’s Strike

Comrades: 8M is just around the corner and as migrant women we want to unite and vindicate the struggle. As we know, women around the world will join the general strike. Many will leave the offices, cafes, kitchens, hospitals, classrooms and caring responsibilities...

New Collection: Trust your sisters

There is a garden inside of all of us.Join the circle of trust.You are gonna flourish while you make other flourish.Sorority teach us to abandon our egos, to truly see others and reflect on their personal stories.Other women are not your competition. I...

Photo of a Skinny White Girl

We've been brainwashed into thinking that losing weight is the most interesting thing a woman can do. We have been encouraged to talk to each other about diets and infinite methods to become somehow the skinny (white) girl we see everywhere....

Rape Culture

The easiest thing on earth is to google stuff. Looking into the internet for something that you don’t know about is simple, quick and accessible for a great part of the human race. Information is there. Here’s a definition: “ Rape culture is a sociological concept for...

We are the witches that they weren’t able to burn!

🔮Witches have not gone down in history because of their value, independence and wisdom, but as icons of evil and terror. They have been played as horrible, envying and mad women. They were too often portrayed as the bad and the ugly. Even today when witches are the...

“Do not panic, organise!”

“Do not panic, organise!” Jaír Bolsonaro won the elections in Brasil. Some people call him the “Trump of the Tropics” so you can imagine... “his embrace of “law and order” carries alarming undertones, as he has expressed a fondness for the...

Rebel Girl Poem: Fire

FIRENo one told meonce I steppedinto the fireI would become itR.G. WHBlog My...

Clandestinity doesn’t save anyone

38 people have decided over the right of millions of women and trans people to call themselves owners of their bodies. It’s a sad day for all of us. Senate in Argentina has decided to ignore the undoubtable popular will and rejected the law to a Legal,...

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