Witches Hit Back

Clothes Against Patriarchy

woman wrapped in body measuring tapes

The Enemy and Me

I never thought I had a problem. I started drinking at 21 and by now (31) I figured I had the hang of it. I hadn’t done it ages so it wasn’t really an issue right? The “it” I’m referring to is vomiting.

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girl wearing a white feminist shirt

Feminist: Shirt

We won’t stop. And I’m not here to please anybody 🙂

How much time did it take for you to recognise yourself as a feminist?

This girl in the picture is my dear friend Indira. I’ve known her since my childhood and admired her from day one. When we were teenagers she was a badass political being. She was clever, smart and highly committed to make a better world.

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black hearts making a big heart

New Collection: End Toxic Masculinity

I’m very happy to introduce a new beautiful design specially made for our allies!
Lots of cis heterosexual men write to me everyday showing their support and they even tend to apologise in the name of all of them.

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