In Sorority We Trust | Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Sent from UK)

In Sorority We Trust | Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Sent from UK)


The revolution is gonna be feminist or is not gonna be a revolution! True change will come whit equality. Is not gonna be easy. It will not happen immediately, because the Patriarchy is in every single corner of what we understand as life, but things are occurring right now and step by step we are building a new world and tearing the old one.

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Trust your sisters! 
Other women are not your competition, other women are there to multiply your strength.
How are we gonna end Patriarchy? Getting together, embracing our true selves. 
Sorority in a feminist context means to understand that those who have been stripped of their human condition are targets of the Patriarchal system. Offer them your support, and everyone will overcome. Let’s build our right place in society! 



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