We are a Latin American artists couple based in London, UK. While living in three countries, we observed the injustice of the patriarchal system despite their cultural differences. Inequality and the historical oppression of women and non binary identities lies behind every nation regardless of how much progress feminism have made in each of them.

Both of us grew up in Argentina where Patriarchy’s social, cultural and political oppression is very intense and has strong roots, but where there is also a massive feminist movement that’s changing history.

As artists we are responsible of being communicators of our time, that’s why we created Witches Hit Back combining our talents to spread the ideas we stand for.

I, Florencia, direct, design and write and Lu is in charge of the website development. We work as a team in the making of Clothes Against Patriarchy because we think it’s important not to be blank individuals.

We truly believe in the political impact of a T-Shirt as a two part process, having the bravery of making a statement and then use that attention to encourage others to incite real change.

We are living an unbelievable moment of awareness… we may not see how important this times are for human history now, we may think that the world is so full of crap that people talking in the internet is not gonna change a thing but change is HERE!

WHB honours those women before us who were murdered during the genocide popularly known as the Witch Hunt. We take their rebellion and dissidence as an inspiration for today’s fight.

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