The Good Fight

I caught my 55+ white, male-identifying, neighbor recording me. I was dancing in my living room, participating in a fundraising event for an organization for differently abled folks. But does that matter?

Poems by Crystal Ogar

your body determined my birth

feet pounding the hot pavement

marching for a revolutionary

while supremacists profit from pain

A generation moved by the understanding of NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE.

The older generation often finds humour in the anxieties possessed by Gen Z and millennials as if our intergenerational trauma does not stem from the failures of boomers. We may be afraid to send our orders back in fear of ruining someone’s day but we’ll chokeslam a racist and milibop on a cop car to hear you say her/they’re/his name.

The Enemy and Me

I never thought I had a problem. I started drinking at 21 and by now (31) I figured I had the hang of it. I hadn’t done it ages so it wasn’t really an issue right? The “it” I’m referring to is vomiting.

woman wrapped in body measuring tapes

Feminist: Shirt

We won’t stop. And I’m not here to please anybody 🙂

How much time did it take for you to recognise yourself as a feminist?

This girl in the picture is my dear friend Indira. I’ve known her since my childhood and admired her from day one. When we were teenagers she was a badass political being. She was clever, smart and highly committed to make a better world.

girl wearing a white feminist shirt