Hear Us Roar

🔮We are still overwhelmed by the huge participation in this year´s Women’s Strike. I spent a Sunday filled with mixed emotions. I felt the power of this transformative event in the streets of London (although it was not massive here), talking to people from different countries and finding in all those testimonies the same light of hope in their voices.

women marching for female rights, the future is female sign

Born to be

So many things have been said
But I was not born 
To accomplish them.

About the “Therese dreaming” case

In recent days a controversy caught my attention significantly.

There was a request from Mia Merrill to remove a painting of the renowned  Balthus “Therese Dreaming” from the Met Museum.

"a world where I can sit relaxed without being sexualized"

This is a queer world

One of the combative actions that I like the most is the appropriation and resignification of certain terms that were originally used in a pejorative and discriminatory way.

This is a queer world by Witches Hit Back

A Woman’s Place

We have rights because women before us made riots.
We have RIGHTS because women before us died.
There was a time when our destination in life was to get marry and raise children. And that was it.

A Woman's Place

About “prettiness”

By Sally Barret Does it upset you that I let my hair legs grow freely, just like yours do? Does it scare you that I am confident in my own skin? Is it a problem if I do not conform to the social standards that YOU have chosen for me? It seems a sort of …

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Rock the nipple

Four years ago, in my home town, I made a series of drawings of women showing their nipples in different non erotical situations like brushing theirs teeth, shaving or dancing along and I put them on the streets. ✨ I was curious about the erotization of the female body and I still am. This is …

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Rock the nipple by Witches Hit Back

Riot, not diet

You all know what I’m talking about. Now we can count, measure and analyze the impact of our self image in others. 
This is not only a tool for “distraction” let’s say… but also a tool for keeping us unhappy and in the constant search for an ideal which is ridiculous. There is a beauty dictatorship out there and we need to face it and defeat it.

Riot Not Diet
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