Hello friends!

I would like to introduce our new collection “Riot not Diet”
The inspiration came to me while I was watching a documentary about the different approaches to the concept of corporality in this “liking” society.

We’re always being pushed to conform certain standards which have changed through history many times according to the demand and have always been different for each geographic region, but now seems to be ruled by a superior power of oppression: Likes👍.

You all know what I’m talking about. Now we can count, measure and analyze the impact of our self image in others.
This is not only a tool for “distraction” let’s say… but also a tool for keeping us unhappy and in the constant search for an ideal which is ridiculous. There is a beauty dictatorship out there and we need to face it and defeat it.

In the western civilization we can see how women’s body are constantly being used to sell products, being judged and over sexualized. Of course, the concept of corporality is attached to many more issues in this murderer system for women and non male identities than for men. One of them is weight. Being fat is considered wrong, a synonymous of being unhealthy, of lack of self love or even depression.

People celebrate our existence if we lose weight “Oh! you’re thinner, you look beautiful” and make us hide our body when we’re fat because we feel ashamed “Wear a long dress… it will help you to hide a little bit your thighs”

I celebrate dissident bodies! I celebrate those who raise their voices and have chosen to inspire others not to hide!

🔮 Loving yourself is the first act of rebellion.
So show the middle finger to the beauty standards now and encourage others to do the same!!

Spread rebelion.

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