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them/ you / me / us

your body determined my birth
feet pounding the hot pavement
marching for a revolutionary
while supremacists profit from pain

monitoring the sounds of tires screeching
adjoined with contraction 
while images of you dance 
as i’m roused to fruition 
untethered from and 
made whole by 
belly swollen 
with the actuality of me

on that thundering hill 
it took twelve months to recover from you
i feel you singing through me 
see you in my likeness 
were you wondering who i’d be
as i pushed you to break
and you forced me into the world


i don’t have the luxury
to walk among them as human
my skin their greatest enemy
my culture their greatest acquisition
i sing
and i hear your voices
strength you grasped onto
a rickety bridge that led to me
your blood, pain, and courage
pulse within my veins
and neither will

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