This is a queer world

One of the combative actions that I like the most is the appropriation and resignification of certain terms that were originally used in a pejorative and discriminatory way.

This is the case of the Queer word which means rare and was used like an insult to designate those who were not heterosexual or cisgender. It takes so much power to transform an insult into a flag, into a badge and wear it with pride!

Language is undoubtedly one of the pillars of society, which not only has the power to establish a communication, but also constitutes a tool of homogenization and order.

When the order establishes certain parameters as normal and others as abnormal, discrimination, oppression and, of course, inequality occurs. The patriarchal hetero-cis system that oppresses us also points to our dissidence as a mistake… that is why I greatly celebrate the use of the word queer with courage and pride.

In a society that tell us we should not exist, let’s scream: Our identity is ours, nobody can tell us otherwise.
Our voices are stronger than ever.
Our struggle is standing and united, transforming all hatred into strength.
This is a queer world!