🔮We are still overwhelmed by the huge participation in this year´s Women’s Strike. I spent a Sunday filled with mixed emotions. I felt the power of this transformative event in the streets of London (although it was not massive here), talking to people from different countries and finding in all those testimonies the same light of hope in their voices. I felt anger also because when you get the chance to speak with people, you face all kind of real sad life experiences. But yet… we were all there thinking that a different world is posible.
There is so much to do. But you know… “When the fire starts to burn make sure you are there!”

✨Being in the streets is important. Talking to people is important. Sharing photos on social media is important.
Women’s Day was once a commercial day when we used to get discounts in a spa or a card and a bunch of flowers from some dude in the office. We used to watch the TV the previous days and reminded how we were supposed to look, to think, to feel as a WOMAN. From now on that just can’t continue.
Women Strike has demonstrated that women are not silenced victims of Capitalism. We are indeed victims in many aspects but we acknowledge how important is our part in all this non stop nonsense. The economic system is obsolete and perpetuates the inequality so “If we stop, the world stops”
Protest were heard all over the world and I spent some time looking at them on the internet: 5M women strike in Spain, 30K women filled the main streets in Buenos Aires, hundreds of activists in downtown Manila protest against the president, in Afghanistan, hundreds of women, who would have been afraid to leave their homes during Taliban rule, gathered in the capital to commemorate the day.

🔮We are UNITED and unstoppable.

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