By Sally Barret

Does it upset you that I let my hair legs grow freely, just like yours do? Does it scare you that I am confident in my own skin? Is it a problem if I do not conform to the social standards that YOU have chosen for me? It seems a sort of mechanical process happening your brain – labeling with unjustified contempt confident women and using the most imbecile insults to tear them down. But maybe it is just that you fear that their spontaneous brightness could throw a shadow on you.

The cult of feminine prettiness is a retrograde one – it derives from some men’s insatiable desire of possession – it has generated some of the most destructive monsters of modern society. One of them are eating disorders. When the beauty stereotype becomes a woman who is clearly underweight, the eating disorder gets in, instilling inevitably in your head a series of unfounded doubts about your body image. This is not but a way to control us – because it is easier to possess someone who is weak, fragile and easily breakable, both physically and emotionally. So let’s just ask ourselves WHY. Why is a man allowed to be uneven, when a woman is not? Why has the judgement of a woman’s physical appearance to be so heavy?

Let’s just ask ourselves why, and we will all realize the answer is arbitrary. There is no reasonable answer to these questions. That’s why the whole system has to be changed.