Feminist: Shirt

We won’t stop. And I’m not here to please anybody 🙂

How much time did it take for you to recognise yourself as a feminist?

This girl in the picture is my dear friend Indira. I’ve known her since my childhood and admired her from day one. When we were teenagers she was a badass political being. She was clever, smart and highly committed to make a better world.

girl wearing a white feminist shirt

New Collection: End Toxic Masculinity

I’m very happy to introduce a new beautiful design specially made for our allies!
Lots of cis heterosexual men write to me everyday showing their support and they even tend to apologise in the name of all of them.

black hearts making a big heart

International Women’s Day 2019: WE STRIKE

This #internationalwomensday we join millions of women, lesbians, trans and non binary people across the globe.
We want a feminist world, one that is intersectional, anti patriarchal, anti colonialism , anti capitalism and anti racism.
❌We strike! ❌
We call for gender equality, reproductive health access and abortion rights, equal pay, labour rights and the end of all forms of violence against women and non binary people.

4 witches, we strike

8M: Women’s Strike

Comrades: 8M is just around the corner and as migrant women we want to unite and vindicate the struggle. As we know, women around the world will join the general strike. Many will leave the offices, cafes, kitchens, hospitals, classrooms and caring responsibilities for others; many will also leave their children in the care of the closest trusted male figure they have and that can support us in the struggle.

Photo of a Skinny White Girl

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that losing weight is the most interesting thing a woman can do. We have been encouraged to talk to each other about diets and infinite methods to become somehow the skinny (white) girl we see everywhere. “Oh, she is so happy. Oh, she is successful. It must be because she´s …

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white billboard on a high building featuring a feminist phrase

Rape Culture

The easiest thing on earth is to google stuff. Looking into the internet for something that you don’t know about is simple, quick and accessible for a great part of the human race. Information is there.Here’s a definition: “ Rape culture is a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized …

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a pregnant woman in a march with a white t-shirt with the phrase "me to but please not her"

“Do not panic, organise!”

“Do not panic, organise!” Jaír Bolsonaro won the elections in Brasil.Some people call him the “Trump of the Tropics” so you can imagine… “his embrace of “law and order” carries alarming undertones, as he has expressed a fondness for the country’s past military dictatorship. His anti-democratic views are just one element of his disturbing rhetoric, …

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illustration of a shark chasing small fishes and then having them attacking it
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