🔥This #internationalwomensday we join millions of women, lesbians, trans and non binary people across the globe.
We want a feminist world, one that is intersectional, anti patriarchal, anti colonialism , anti capitalism and anti racism.
❌We strike! ❌
We call for gender equality, reproductive health access and abortion rights, equal pay, labour rights and the end of all forms of violence against women and non binary people.
Our fight is a single united fight.
We call for the union of the people.
We have the power, join this permanent revolution.
Let’s rebuild the world! ❌WE WITCHES, STRIKE! ❌

The store will be closed today. I’ll reply all your messages tomorrow.
I just got my period and I’m feeling bad, sad and a bit angry bc I won’t be able to go to all the activities planned. I need rest and can’t help it.
What’s your plan for today? Will you join the strike? Will you go to a women’s march in your city? Tell me, I’d like to read how everyone is tackling this special day 🙂 And if you wear your Witches Hit Back favourite today…please tag us 🤗❤️

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