8M: Women’s Strike

Comrades: 8M is just around the corner and as migrant women we want to unite and vindicate the struggle. As we know, women around the world will join the general strike. Many will leave the offices, cafes, kitchens, hospitals, classrooms and caring responsibilities for others; many will also leave their children in the care of the closest trusted male figure they have and that can support us in the struggle. We also know that there will be many compañeras who can’t stop working and many others who don’t want to. Therefore, those that can, we will also strike on their behalf, because the struggle is one and because we need to be standing together and united to move forward.

Women's Strike step by step

This next March 8, the actions in the UK will be decentralized, there will be activities in the whole country. In London, north, south and center of the city will have different activities, which makes things easier so that more compañeras can join. Although we would also like to be able to manage a meeting and gathering point for women, trans people, migrants and Latinas.
It would be great to be able to unite, meet, cuddle, make posters, talk about feminism, drink mate/tea/coffee, share a meal and then march together through the streets of the city. Afterwards, we will join the March that will take place at 5pm and that will travel the streets from Bank of England to Leicester Square and then, at 7pm, accompanying the sex workers in their strike. Once this is done, we can all go to the After Party party!

That is why we make this open and general call to all the compañeras of all associations of migrant women in London, so that together we can share this strike, this mission and this important day in the fight for our rights.

We will update further details in the coming days
The street is ours, sisters, let’s take them!