We are the witches that they weren’t able to burn!

🔮Witches have not gone down in history because of their value, independence and wisdom, but as icons of evil and terror.
They have been played as horrible, envying and mad women.
They were too often portrayed as the bad and the ugly.
Even today when witches are the hype again (yeah!) there’s a bit of misunderstanding and banality on WHO THE WITCHES WERE.

✨It’s estimated that nine million women were victims of a genocide in Europe and the United States during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, accused of witchcraft.

✨We wish to honor those brave and free women whom where burned alive for going against the system that was under construction in the in the XVIII century.
In the words of Silvia Federici “two centuries of executions and tortures that condemned thousands of women to an atrocious death were liquidated by History as a product of ignorance or something belonging to folklore (…) The witch-hunt, as well as the slave trade and the conquest of America, was an essential element to establish the modern capitalist system, since it changed in a decisive way the social relations and the foundations of the social reproduction, beginning with the relations between women and men and women and the state”

✨We take the word WITCH, like the feminism in the 70’s did too and we appropriate it proudly in today’s fight.

🖤We are the granddaughters of the witches that they weren’t able to burn…and we are hitting back ✊🏾