“Oh, no! Another FEMINIST shirt?” Well, yes.

We won’t stop. And I’m not here to please anybody 🙂

How much time did it take for you to recognise yourself as a feminist?

This girl in the picture is my dear friend Indira. I’ve known her since my childhood and admired her from day one. When we were teenagers she was a badass political being. She was clever, smart and highly committed to make a better world.

Back in 2015 we discovered feminism through “Ni Una Menos” collective scream for the end of femicides in Argentina. Both of us were living outside of our country but paying attention to what seemed to be a huge breaking point in our nation’s culture.

Feminism became quickly a bad word. The national threat.

There was and still is so much confusion surrounding the F word.

Indira said at that time something like “I’m not a feminist. I don’t think that women are better than men and we should not flip upside-down the power, just be equals”

It took her a simple investigation and many chats with me and the rest of our friends to realise she was a feminist and how important was to leave that clear.

She was always a feminist, but she first needed to know what the concept was really about and acknowledge that what she thought it was freedom, were instead her privileges confusing her understanding of women as a political subject, systematically and historically oppressed.

People are gonna judge you if you call yourself a feminist. They may say you are into a fashion trend, following blindly some empty fuck.

Prove them wrong.

If you wear this plain and simple “Feminist” across your chest be ready to confront all your beliefs. All of us have born in a patriarchal society that has undermined our wholeness. All of us, need to understand that revolutions are not a one time event.

Be ready to unlearn to learn.

Be ready to question everything. How we live, how we talk, how we love, how we understand what is right and fair.

Calling yourself a feminist implies a hard compromise to sorority. And this is an everyday learning process.

Be ready to be the change.

Future is feminist. Not female. FEMINIST.

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