Photo of a Skinny White Girl
Photo of a skinny white girl

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that losing weight is the most interesting thing a woman can do.

We have been encouraged to talk to each other about diets and infinite methods to become somehow the skinny (white) girl we see everywhere.

“Oh, she is so happy. Oh, she is successful. It must be because she´s skinny”

Such a twisted assumption.

You heard it. You have said it. I did.

“Oooh, have you lost weight? You look great” I heard once when I was so depressed I usually forgot to eat.

Don´t you dare to be FAT. Don´t you even dare to say that dirty word.

It´s the worst thing a woman can be.

Here`s an idea: Let´s get together and burn down all these bullshit pre concepts. Let´s for once not say a thing about other women´s look.

There are riots to organise.

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I encourage you to speak up!

I´m very grateful to all of you. For your support and daily kindness.

Flor from WHB
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