38 people have decided over the right of millions of women and trans people to call themselves owners of their bodies.
It’s a sad day for all of us.

Senate in Argentina has decided to ignore the undoubtable popular will and rejected the law to a Legal, Safe and Free abortion.
It is indeed a sad day, but it isn’t in any way a defeat. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We were millions out in the streets all over the world united to end clandestine abortions, demanding a new chapter to a feminist Latin America but revolution’s time is not always law’s time.

We’ll continue fighting till we owe our bodies. That’s for sure!
We will never be silenced again and we’ll continue our struggle to gain our rights.
What happened in Argentina during the past 5 months of debate is a victory despite the bill not being passed: society now is less hypocritical of a problem that has always existed. Abortion stoped being taboo and there’s an incredible awareness that was so much needed.

38 people have voted in favor of clandestine abortion and the death of poor women who can’t pay for a fancy private and discreet clinic.
Millions will continue fighting in the streets. This is just the beginning ✊🏾
Picture by Ayelen Suppa Villagra taking during the @colectivonumuk manifestation in London.
Banner says “Clandestinity doesn’t save anyone” in response to the pro life campaign.

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