A Green Feminist Tsunami💚
24 hours of manifestations in the streets of Buenos Aires.
22 hours of debate in congress.
Decades of fight.
1 million people across the country.
A vigil outside the Congress under a 0 degrees temperature.
All together united in a single scream for
The legalisation of abortion in Argentina.

My heart is still overwhelmed! Yesterday was an historic day for Argentina and all Latinamerica: feminism has conquer one of the most important rights of all, the right to choose over our own bodies!
After at least 40 years of feminist fight the Argentinian congress finally discussed and APPROVED the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy!
Politicians couldn’t keep on looking to the other side and gave their so much needed attention to one of the main campaigns that feminism organisations made visible in the South American country.
For weeks people wore the green handkerchief, symbol of the campaign, to their jobs and schools. It appeared on TV in all the main shows. It was everywhere. It filled the streets in every manifestation like a green tsunami of true activism. For the first time in history there was a real debate and the abortion debt was openly discuss among people of all ages.
“ Sex education to decide, contraceptives not to abort, legal abortion not to die” was the campaign slogan.
In a country like Argentina with a strong tradition of inequality, macho violence and the Catholic Church political and social influence the green tsunami fled and drown the hypocrisy and stigma that surrounds abortion.
Argentina is an example of feminist fight and organisation for all. This is huge! and I couldn’t be more proud and entirely thankful to all my sisters there. 💚“Se cuidan, se cuidan, se cuidan los machistas…America latina va a ser toda feminista!”

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