Ireland overturns abortion ban!
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🔮A referendum held on Friday resulted in the overturn of the abortion ban in Ireland!

Congratulations dear Irish fellows in the achievement of a revolution!

One of the most important of all feminist causes, I must say, now will be guaranteed by the state!

No more shame. No more secret travels to the UK for thousands of people desperate to terminate a pregnancy. No more clandestine abortion held in dangerous conditions.

No more ovaries regulated by the church!

😁This is a HUGE triumph! And I really hope this will put an example for many other nations facing the abortion debate.

There are too many countries in where abortion is treated like murder. Law condemns people who had abortion like criminals, society stigmatises and isolates them and too many lives are at risk every day because the lack of an effective health program!

Remember… if we don’t own our bodies, we are not free!

“Our Body, Our Choice” design is one of our very first drawings. Today its seems like a good day to show solidarity to all the people fighting to be the righteous owners of their corporality. We are at your side.

Make awareness important everyday!

🔮Thanks for your support!


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