About “La Manada” Rape Gang Court Case

The signs read: “I believe you” “Misogynist Justice”

We said it before and we say it now: Justice is another Patriarchy tool.
The so called “Manada” gang rape case in Spain has shown us this last week.
Five men raped a 18 year old drunk woman in a local bull parade party. There are videos of the actual rape and chats between them, that support the accusation… and the justice says there was not RAPE but ABUSE because the victim was not showing any sign of rejection to what was happening.
She claims she was too afraid and simply paralysed.

Justice is telling everybody one thing: “If you don’t seem to suffer enough, you’re not suffering at all”
Survival victims of rape have to endure a lot of blame victim in courts all over the world.
For instance, they said they could not trust the truthfulness of her statements because she didn’t show any physical traumas, supposedly because she was seen smiling in her social media posts… continuing with her life. This was one of the arguments of the defence.
They were charged of ABUSE because there has to be violence and intimidation in a RAPE CASE.
Five men against a drunk woman.

How can they not see violence and intimidation there?
Rape culture is what delivered such an absurd sentence for this five monsters: only 9 years in jail when they were expected to spend at least 22 years.
Rape culture is what makes this juror ask a drunk woman about consent.
Rape culture is what Spanish boys learn while they’re growing up and understand bull fights as a synonymous of bravery.

San Fermín, the bulls run party, is all about that: “brave” men who run away from a condemned innocent bull to feel somehow more macho and then go party to fullfill their tiny egos with alcohol, getting ready to abuse women in countless forms.
Rape culture perform when the rapists’ friends laughed and bragged watching the video and passing it on.

We all know, machismo kills.

✨We are not going back in our demands, when justice is a Patriarchy tool we shall make our own Justice!
We raise our voices now and we’ll do it again and again until this obsolete system had stopped legitimating rape.