Today is Lesbian Visibility Day everybody!

The fact that there are women who love (and fuck) women is still a taboo in many cultures around the globe, can you believe it? Of course you can… because you are awake and fighting against oppression.

But there are many, I call them “fucked up dinosaur people”, who seem to deny this reality and how important is to make it visible.

Even in countries we think are progressive, lesbians have to endure discrimination, ignorance and violence of all kinds.

Their voices need to be heard, their stories need to be told in a proper way.

Have you ever thought how ridiculous their sexuality is being portrayed so far? This is not something by chance… lesbians are OK if they serve a hetero cis male fantasy. Just like all women sexuality, it’s there for the male gaze to enjoy, but it’s unacceptable as a symbol of freedom and empowerment.

But why is it so important to address a special day for lesbianism? This remind us about the importance of the intercessional aspect of feminism and social justice.

Queer community is DIVERSE and all different voices need to reach the focus of attention. This is the only way in where we can assure fairness to the next generations.

How are you going to celebrate this day? We will love to read your comments!

Curious fact: It’s been only 10 years since we celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day and it’s all thanks to the internet. It started in the USA and spread worldwide. Important strategies of awareness are built in social media, let’s keep using these tools for our revolution!

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