🔮It doesn’t matter if you think that you don’t have the right words. Trust me. It’s not about how many books by feminist authors you have read. You don’t need to be a college graduated in Women’s History to know, to understand the inequality of the system we are living in and to take part in the revolution to destroy it. Feminism is not a quantity measurement. We can’t achieve Gold stars in Feminism. It’s a daily fight of constant rebellion. ✨If you understand that SHIT IS FUCKED UP AND STUFF that’s perfect. Your voice is perfect. Your own words are perfect.
It’s so easy for the oppressor to try to disesteem your beliefs by throwing some statistics, playing clever in a discussion arguing that you don’t know enough. But you know. If you are here, interested in the Witches Hit Back project, you know how important is to speak your mind and be inspirational to others. That’s how communities basically grow, by rising our heads and look for others seeing what we see.
Remember that it’s not your job to convince anyone. It’s not your job either to win a discussion with some troll in the internet. Don’t waste your precious time, there is a revolution taking place and next generations will appreciate that you knew how to pick your battles.
Get involved today and find your own role in this cause. 🔮We are thankful for your support.

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