🔮We are introducing a NEW COLLECTION : Your Fight is My Fight.

There are many positions within feminism.
It is not a homogenous collective. There are even opposing positions that divide us… and keep us in constant conflict, sex work for example.
The intercessional aspect of the oppression has told us there are many things to acknowledge in order to fight back.
When we wonder about the hetero-cis-patriarchal system that oppress all women and non-binary identities we must identify where are we standing.
Oppression does´t act the same way if you are a black trans woman or a white middle class lesbian. This is why it´s also so important for every group within to have a proper representation and a voice.
When I made this design I was thinking that even when feminism joins people that are so different, it has an incredible sense of collectiveness and empathy.
We are together united to fight one big piece of shit, and by learning that “Your fight is my fight” someday the whole world as we know it now will be transformed into a fair place for ALL.
Look into your sister in the eye and let her know that your are her allied.
United is the only way.

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