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Trust your sisters

There is a garden inside of all of us. Join the circle of trust. You are gonna flourish while you make other flourish. Sorority teach us to abandon our egos, to truly see others and reflect on their personal stories. Other women are not your competition. I will never...

Photo of a Skinny White Girl

We've been brainwashed into thinking that losing weight is the most interesting thing a woman can do. We have been encouraged to talk to each other about diets and infinite methods to become somehow the skinny (white) girl we see everywhere. “Oh, she is so happy. Oh,...

Rape Culture

The easiest thing on earth is to google stuff. Looking into the internet for something that you don’t know about is simple, quick and accessible for a great part of the human race. Information is there. Here’s a definition: “ Rape culture is a sociological concept for...


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