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Witches Hit Back

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🔮It doesn’t matter if you think that you don’t have the right words. Trust me. It’s not about how many books by feminist authors you have read. You don’t need to be a college graduated in Women’s History to know, to understand the inequality of the system we are...

New Collection! Your Fight is My Fight

🔮We are introducing a NEW COLLECTION : Your Fight is My Fight. There are many positions within feminism. It is not a homogenous collective. There are even opposing positions that divide us… and keep us in constant conflict, sex work for example. The intercessional...

New Collection: Not Up For Grabs

Collection and text by Monique Howie   My motivation in designing the Not Up For Grabs logo was born out of an instinctive need to protect the future of my six-month-old baby girl. I remember so clearly the moment I heard Donald Trump’s disturbing words about woman...


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